Q: Why is the cut of a diamond so important?
A: Well, the way a diamond is cut affects how it looks when light shines on it. If the cut is too shallow, light will escape through the bottom, and if it’s too deep, light will escape through the sides. But when a diamond is cut just right, the light will reflect from the top of the diamond, making it sparkle like crazy.

Cut Grades

Excellent Cut

An excellent cut is super rare, representing only the top 3% of diamond quality.

 Very Good Cut

A very good cut is the next level down, representing the top 15% of diamond quality, and it’s a good value because it reflects almost as much light as an ideal cut.

 Good Cut

A good cut is the next tier below, representing about the top 25% of diamond quality. These diamonds are less expensive than very good cuts.

 Fair Cut

This cut represents the top 35% of diamond quality based on cut. Not as brilliant as a good cut.

 Poor Cut

Poor cut is either very deep or very shallow, causing light to escape from the sides or bottom. Simply Diamonds doesn’t offer diamonds with a poor cut grade.