Q: “What is “colour” referring to?”
A: “When discussing the ‘colour’ of a diamond, we are actually referring to its lack of colour – it is all about grading the whiteness of a diamond.”

The less colour present in a diamond, the higher is its colour grade. Colour will naturally manifest in the diamond as a pale yellow and that is why colour grade refers to this lack of colour. The human eye detects the sparkle of a diamond first and then its colour. This is the reason that colour is usually considered the second most important characteristic, after cut.

Know which colour is right for you:

If good value is important, choose diamonds with a grade of G – I with no colour easily detectable with the naked eye.

Colour Grades of Diamonds:

Grade D – Absolutely Colourless –
These are extremely rare diamonds with the highest grade of colour.

Grade E-F Colourless-
Small colour traces detected by experts only. These are rare diamonds.

Grade G-H – Near to colourless –
Colour can be detected only when compared side by side with diamonds which have better grades. These are excellent diamonds.

Grade I-J – Near colourless –
A valuable diamond with detectable tone or warmth.

Grade K-M – Colour can be noticed.
Not available at Simply Diamonds

Grade N-Z – Colour noticeable.
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