How to Buy The Perfect Diamond

Buying a diamond can sometimes be stressful and confusing. To ensure you have a better understanding of what to look for, here are some tips to help you make a more informed decision.


Shape describes the different forms of a diamond’s as pictured above. The shape elicits different attributes of the diamond.

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The cut of a diamond will determine its overall look. A good diamond cut will elicit different attributes, adding more sparkle to the jewel.

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A high-quality diamond colour grade is determined by its lack of colour. The clearer or more white the diamond, the higher the quality.

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A diamonds weight is measured in carats. The size of the diamond will be determined by its weight.

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Diamonds with little or no imperfections are attributed to the highest clarity and hence, the highest quality of diamonds.

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A diamond certificate is an independent report created by a team of gemmologists to certify the diamond.

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