Different Techniques for Setting Side Diamonds in Engagement Rings

If you choose to have diamonds in the band of your engagement ring there are a number of different ways they can be set. The way the diamonds are setting is based on the style of your engagement ring and also the security of the diamonds within the setting.

types of band styles

An end set or bar set diamond band setting involves securing diamonds between individual metal bars that span across the band. The bars hold the diamond securely in place, creating a clean and modern look. This setting style offers both protection and a stylish display of the gemstones.

Shared prong diamond setting secures adjacent diamonds with a single metal prong shared between them. This technique maximises diamond visibility, allowing for enhanced brilliance and a continuous, seamless look. It showcases the diamonds’ fire and brilliance while maintaining an elegant and sleek appearance.

In a scalloped diamond setting, small individual cutouts, or scallops, are created in the metal surrounding the diamonds. These scallops are strategically shaped to accommodate and hold the diamonds in place. The result is a visually pleasing pattern that adds an intricate and ornate touch to the overall design of the jewellery piece.

Fish tail set is a diamond setting technique where the metal prongs resemble the shape of a fish tail. The claws are designed to hold the diamonds securely in place, creating a visually appealing pattern.

In a channel diamond setting, a row of diamonds is secured between two metal walls or channels. The diamonds are set flush within the channels, creating a smooth and uninterrupted surface. This setting provides excellent protection for the diamonds and offers a sleek, modern aesthetic with a clean and seamless appearance.

Bright cut diamond setting involves creating V-shaped grooves on the metal surface to securely hold the diamonds. The grooves are carefully cut and polished to reflect light, enhancing the brilliance of the diamonds. This technique adds a reflective, mirror-like effect, creating a captivating sparkle and a clean, precise look to the jewellery piece.

A flush set ring is a type of jewellery ring where the gemstone is set into the metal band, so it sits flush with the surface. The gemstone is embedded within a small hole or groove, creating a smooth and seamless appearance. This setting offers a modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Bezel set refers to a ring setting where a diamond is held in place by a metal rim that completely or partially surrounds it. This secure setting provides protection for the diamond and creates a modern look.

Pave diamond setting involves meticulously placing small diamonds closely together and securing them with tiny metal beads or prongs. The diamonds are set at the same level as the metal surface, creating a “paved” effect. This technique maximizes diamond coverage, resulting in a brilliant, continuous surface of sparkling diamonds.