How to Buy an Engagement Ring


The proposal is an extremely exciting time and will always be a story relived over and over, by you and your partner, the engagement ring is a big part of the occasion. Finding the perfect diamond ring is everyone’s dream, ensuring that they will cherish the ring for the rest of their life.

Most of people find the whole process of figuring out the best ring a little scary, but don’t worry here are a few tips that can make this much easier:

Setting An Investment Price

The price tag of a ring is not a reflection of the value of your relationship, always work within your means.

A very successful ad campaign indicated that an engagement ring should cost more than a month salary. This concept has been carried through to the present with the idea now that an engagement ring should cost several month’s salary. This misconception has caused many proposals being delayed or never fulfilled.

You are starting a life together, and while you want to give them the most expensive engagement ring, being together forever is what’s important. There will be many anniversaries and special occasions in the future where you will be able to spoil that special love of your life.

The key here I to set an investment price, that manageable for you to purchase that special ring.

Informing your jeweller of your established price range will help them search for the best valued diamonds in the current market – having 5-10% flexibility also can sometimes gain the best value, so keep this in mind when setting your budget.

Know Your Partner’s Style

Each of us has our own taste and preferences in engagement rings, and sometimes it is obvious what one’s partner will adore, but often it isn’t.

Sometimes even though a couple have been together for years, each is a bit oblivious to the others taste in jewellery. Ways to ensure that an engagement ring is loved for an eternity, is ensuring it complements their sense of style. 

Take a look at their jewellery choices – What precious metal do they have the most of, gold, silver, rose gold? Are their pieces simple and elegant or bold and daring? 

It may be possible to bring in one or your partners friends or family member in on the secret. If so maybe they may have an idea of the engagement ring your partner would love to have.

Understand Diamonds

Understanding diamonds is an important step, there is a lot of information available on the internet, read through our how to buy the perfect diamond article for more information.

Life Style

Another consideration is your lover’s lifestyle – if they are an active person, look for a ring with a sturdy setting, whereas if they are more reserved, a simple, elegant ring might be more preferable. 

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