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GIA Diamond Grading Report

A Diamond Grading Report explains the specific characteristics of a diamond. These reports are issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which is among the most prestigious organizations in the diamond industry.

Diamond Characteristics Documented in the Diamond Grading Report

  • Laser Inscription Registry - Each diamond with a GIA Diamond Dossier is laser inscribed with the report number.
  • Shape and Cutting Style - The shape of a diamond and its cutting method.
  • Measurement - Explains the diamond's dimensions in millimeters.
  • Carat Weight - The weight of diamond listed to the nearest hundredth of a carat.
  • Color Grade - A grading that evaluates the absence of color or whiteness in a diamond.
  • Clarity Grade - Clarity grade determined fewer than 10 x magnifications.
  • Cut Grade - A grade of cut examined by a diamond’s over the top appearance, design and manufacture. Cut grade available on round diamonds from Jan. 1, 2006 onwards.
  • Finish - Grades that signify a diamond's surface placement.
  • Polish - Determines the overall smoothness of the diamond's surface.
  • Symmetry - Measuring the shape, arrangement and position of the diamond's facets in accordance to one another as well as the consistency of the design.
  • Fluorescence - Color, and potency of color when diamond is viewed under UV light.
  • Comments - A description of additional diamond characteristics not already mentioned in the report.
  • Clarity Plot - A diagram of the approximate size, type, and position of additions/flaws when examined under a microscope.
  • Proportion Diagram - A sketch of the diamond’s actual proportions.
  • Reading a Proportion Diagram - Proportion diagrams will normally include the following information:
    • Depth: The height of a stone/gem when measured from the culet to the table.
    • Table: Located at the top of the diamond, the table is the largest facet of a diamond.
    • Girdle: Range of girdle thickness.
    • Culet: Appearance, or lack thereof, of the culet facet.