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Choose the right shape for your diamond that not only compliments your jewel but reflects your persona and elegance. The most common shapes of gemstones are round, oval, radiant, princess, square, as well as pear-shaped or heart-shaped. All of our certified diamonds are graded by the GIA or AGSL to have FL-SI2 clarity, D-J color, and Ideal, Very Good, Good, or Fair cut. Since all diamond shapes are very different, different characteristics determine quality for each shape. Select your shape below to learn how to distinguish the most beautiful diamond. Here, we sell high-quality diamond range, depending on their shape. From ‘fancy-shaped’ diamonds to finest round and non-round, each collection is available for an exclusive purchase.

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Round Princess Emerald Asscher Marquise Oval Radiant Pear Heart Cushion

Diamond shapes are very different, and unique characteristics will determine quality for each shape. Select your shapehere to learn more about it. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.