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Point to remember :

The first thing that you should remember is that the most important characteristic of diamonds is cut. The overall beauty of the diamond depends on Cut. The sparkle what we see in the diamond is actually determined by Cut. The Cut Grade of a diamond plays the most important role for diamonds sparkle. This light performance of diamond depends on the cut where the light escapes through the bottom if the cut is too shallow, and it escapes through the sides if it is too deep. When the diamond is cut in a proper proportion, the light reflects from the top or table of the diamonds. Now the gemmologists recommend diamonds that are from the cut grades that make the highest cut without burning a hole in your pocket! If you pay attention to this “C” of the Four C’s, that make up a diamond, you will end up with a winner as this characteristic has the highest influence on the appearance of a diamond.

Know more about the Cut Grades:

Excellent: Top 3% of the diamond qualities are based on this form of cut. This rare cut diamond reflects all lights that enter these cut diamonds.

Very Good Cut: This cut of diamond is usually available in a very low price than that of diamonds that come with Ideal Cut but reflects light almost like an Ideal Cut. The top 15% of diamond quality based on cut comes from this group.

Good Cut: Here in this cut diamonds reflects most of the light that passes through the diamond and are priced little lower than the previous one. This represents almost 25% of the diamond quality based on cut.

Fair Cut: These diamonds are usually quality diamond, only difference is that the brilliance is not as good as a Good Cut. Top 35% of the diamond quality based on cut comes from this group.

Poor Cut: Diamonds of this cut are either very deep or shallow. That is why they loose the light by sides or by bottom. Simply Diamond do not present diamond with poor cut grade.

Now since you have been provided a clear picture on how cut grade matters to the sparkling quality of a diamond, learn about another “C” of the Four C’s, colour. To explore more on Cut, and technical aspects of polishing, fire, light performance and symmetry, visit Hints and Tips section. To know about each parts of a diamond, see our chart of Diamond Anatomy.