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Know more about Diamond color :

When we talk about ‘Colour’ of a diamond, we are actually referring to its lack of color – it is all about grading the white color of a diamond.

Pale yellow is the manifested color of diamond – this is the reason why the color grading of diamond is done on its property of lacking any color. The lesser color present in a diamond, the higher will be its colour grade. Human eye is usually able to detect the sparkle of a diamond first and then its colour is considered. This is the reason due to which, while selecting any diamond, its colour comes just next in consideration after ‘cut’ has been taken into account.

We will provide you more information on grading of diamonds for your better understanding. If your diamond is has a grade D it means it is the highest while grade Z is said to be the lowest. will provide you diamonds with grade J and even higher

At you will just get the finest diamonds – all available with color grades of D – J. Diamonds which are of grade J or better grade are almost colourless and near colourless. Colour elements are so little, that it is usually undetectable to the naked eye.

Color of Diamond:

Grade D – Colourless – Rare diamonds with highest grade of colour.

Grade E-F Colourless- Small colour traces detected by an expert only. Rare diamonds.

Grade G-H - Near to colourless – Colour can be detected only when compared side by side with diamonds which have better grades. Excellent diamond.

Grade I-J – Almost colourless – Valuable diamond with detectable tone or warmth.

Grade K-M – Colour can be noticed. Not available with

Grade N-Z - Colour noticeable. Not available with

Know which color is right for you :

  • Choose pure and colorless diamond with grade D – F.
  • Choose diamonds with a grade of G – I with no color easily detectible with naked eye.