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Before any diamond purchase, you should review a copy of its certificate to determine if it has undergone an impartial, specialized and authentic examination.

What is a Certificate?

A diamond certificate, also called a diamond grading report, diamond dossier®, or diamond quality document, is a report created by a team of gemologists. The diamond is evaluated, measured, and examined using trained eyes, a jeweler’s loupe, a microscope, and other industry tools. A complete certificate includes an analysis of the diamond’s dimensions, clarity, color, polish, symmetry, and other characteristics. Many round diamonds will also include a cut grade on the report.

View Certificates While Shopping

If concerned about a particular certified diamond, you can view its certificate on our site before purchase. We offer a variety of grading reports and credentials:

More about Cut

How Do You Grade Diamond Cut? We refer to cut grades provided by GIA and AGSL whenever these are available. Many diamonds graded by the GIA before January 1st, 2006 do not have such grading. If a cut grade is not given by one of these laboratories, please contact us for more information on the diamond.