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Choose the right kind of diamond weight:

Before you start selecting diamond weight you need to take into account size of your finger as well as the budget.

  • If your budget is strict and do not wish to compromise on the weight also you can consider SI1-SI2 clarity, and a J or I color grade.
  • The smaller your finger is the larger will the diamond appear. You can select any weight keeping this in mind.
  • There are price differences of diamond based on half carat weights and full-carat weight. The weight is usually distributed across the diamond, making minuscule size differences impossible to see.

What is carat?

Carat is the measurement of a diamond’s weight. However, it is to be remembered that it does not always reflect the actual size of the diamond. To know and understand the size of a diamond, we need to know about its carat. If you wish to know about the carat weight, you need to consider the cut grade of diamond along with distance in millimeters measured from the top most part of the diamond. Diamond size is usually evaluated by viewing it from top, because this is mainly how we see the diamond when it is presented through a ring.

Carat weight is actually the weight of the diamond. To know more on diamond size, simply diamonds highly recommends the consideration of diamond’s cut grade and also the measurement of diamond viewed from top. Cut grade is considered because a well cut diamond encourages good reflection of light out from the top, which helps to make the diamond appear much larger. If the diamond is poorly cut, it appears much smaller than what is its actual weight. This makes it highly possible that a diamond with a low carat weight can end up with a higher cut grade.

Once a selection is made of a diamond, it becomes very easy to check out carat weight so that you will know if the diamond is within budget.